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This webpage is the official Media Resource Website for The Quarrymen - the band founded by John Lennon in 1956.

The band - now consisting of three original founder-members who were personally recruited by their childhood friend John Lennon - reformed in July 1997 on the 40th anniversary of the historic day when John Lennon met Paul McCartney at a Quarrymen show - and McCartney was invited into the group - the Big Bang that led to the Beatles. (Harrison joined the Quarrymen 6 months later - and the band changed its name to the Beatles in August 1960.)

In the 13 years since reforming, the Quarrymen have played concerts throughout the world. The band plays the full range of early rock 'n' roll and "skiffle" songs they performed with John, Paul and George in the 1950s - including several of the earliest compositions written by the future Beatles.

The Quarrymen will be touring the USA in September/October 2010 on their "Happy Birthday John!" tour - celebrating the 70th anniversary of the birth of their childhood friend and fellow bandmate- John Lennon. (Exact anniversary: Saturday October 9th)

The tour will be in conjunction with special sneak previews of the upcoming feature film "Nowhere Boy" which tells the story of Lennon's teenage years and the formation and evolution of The Quarrymen - the band that became the Beatles. (Movie release date: Friday October 8th)

US Tour Dates: Wednesday September 22 - Sunday October 10, 2010

Availability For TV Appearances

New York City

  • Wednesday September 22 (4pm-8pm)
  • Thursday September 23 (6am-8pm)
  • Monday September 27 (6am-10pm)
  • Monday October 04 (3pm-8pm)
  • Tuesday October 05 (6am-3pm - possibly later)
  • Wednesday October 06 (Availability TBC)
  • Friday October 08 (9am-6pm) (Movie: "Nowhere Boy" released)
  • Saturday October 09 (10am-7pm) (John Lennon's exact 70th birthday)
  • Sunday October 10 (9am-4pm)

Los Angeles

  • Thursday September 30 (2pm-8pm)
  • Friday October 01 (7am-7pm)


  • Monday October 04 (7am-1pm)

This website will be updated soon and will provide full biographical details, photographs, tour information, video clips, audio clips etc etc

In the interim, all information is available by contacting:

Martin Lewis
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Video: Meet The Quarrymen:

"Nowhere Boy" trailer:

"Nowhere Boy" website:

The Quarrymen website:

The Quarrymen's 1957 website: (on-line in mid-August)

The Quarrymen on July 6th 1957
(The Day That John Lennon & Paul McCartney First Met)

Eric Griffiths • Colin Hanton • Rod Davis • John Lennon • Pete Shotton • Len Garry